Medical University of Warsaw is the biggest medical school in Poland. Dental medicine has been taught at our University since 1809. In the academic year 2012/2013 the Medical University of Warsaw will establish an English Dentistry Division.

The Medical University of Warsaw will offer the 5-year Dental program to High School graduates. The program adopted to the EU standards offers more than 5000 hours of learning and 300 ECTS.

Total duration of the 5-year dental program which contain 150 weeks by 10 semesters, during which the students have lectures, seminars, and practical classes. Upon completion of each year of the studies, students are required to take a 4 week summer practical training, which is mandatory and included in the curriculum. The practical trainings can be served in recognized institutions in the native countries of the students.

The Graduate obtain DMD degree and receive a diploma recognized in many countries. The curriculum conforms the European Union standards of dental program. The graduate can continue their education at the Medical University of Warsaw both as a scientist or as a teacher.

On-line registration will be open since 3th of March 2014.

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