5-year Dental Medicine Program in English

  • Type: Full-time, long-cycle studies, adopted to the EU standards (more than 5000 hours of learning)
  • Language of instruction: English
  • Faculty of Medicine
  • Title: lekarz dentysta (Dental Medical Doctor, DMD)
  • Length of studies: 5 years, 10 semesters
  • Credits (ECTS): 300
  • Number of places: 22 (Admission 2022/2023)
  • Admission only for the academic year 2022/2023
  • Academic year starts on October 1, 2022
  • Recognition: The program adopted to the EU standards offers more than 5000 hours of learning and 300 ECTS. EU, U.S., Canada and most other countries around the world. The Medical University of Warsaw is the leading public medical university in Poland, fully recognized by the Polish Ministry of Health, and Ministry of Science and Higher Education.

Medical University of Warsaw is the biggest medical school in Poland. Medicine has been taught at our University since 1809 and dental medicine since 1920. English Dentistry Division was established within the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry of the Medical University of Warsaw in the academic year 2012/2013.

About the Faculty

Dental Medicine Studies will make it possible to acquire general medical knowledge, study natural sciences and practice skills necessary to perform the duties of a dental practitioner. They combine theory with hands-on training. The University Dental Centre at the Medical University of Warsaw (at the Banacha Campus) is the most modern facility of this kind in Poland.

The training that the student receives at the Medical University of Warsaw is sufficient to run one’s own dental practice. The graduate will know how to implement proper preventative and therapeutic procedures and perform prohealth activities.


The curriculum of the first year of studies emphasizes the role of basic sciences, focusing on i.e. human anatomy and physiology, histology, cytophysiology and embryology, dental prophylaxis and social dentistry. At the beginning of the second year of studies clinical training is initiated supported with further theoretical education. As of the third year of studies, practical training will commence. Activities are organized at different clinical facilities, during which the student participates in the execution of health care services. During practical training the student receives support of the experienced teaching staff. As part of the curriculum, the student is acquainted with the ethical aspect of their future profession. The future doctor’s moral stance – indispensable to practice the medical profession – is shaped as well. Following the fourth year of training, the student is expected to undertake a four-week practical training during the summer recess in a chosen medical facility following its approval by the departmental authorities.  This event is a significant element of training practical skills as well as an insight into the organization of health care. ECTS credits - 300

After graduation

Completing Dental Medicine studies is a gateway to pursue a well-paid dental career with excellent employment opportunities. Dentistry is a dynamic medical science. Advancement in the area of medical equipment, digital technology and material sciences continually widens the diagnostic and therapeutic scope. The dynamics of the demand for dental services makes dentistry an attractive competitor on the job market of today. The dental practitioner may continue education by specializing in the area of conservative dentistry with endodontics, paediatric dentistry, periodontology, oral surgery, orthodontics, dental prosthetics, public health and epidemiology. Graduates may choose to follow their scientific careers by applying to follow Doctoral Studies.

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