In order to receive a diploma a student has to submit to the Dean’s office immediately after the last examination the following completed documents:

1. Student Record Book with all signatures

2. Student’s Temporary Achievements Protocol with all signatures

3. Completed „Dzienniczek praktyk” – Internship log

4. Diploma Application - application to the Dean with a request for one copy of the diploma issued in a foreign language.

Additional fee (40 PLN) for a diploma in a foreign language.

5. Student Achievement Questionnaire

The Student should provide copies of documents confirming the achievements, such as active participation in the convention/symposium, a copies of publications, and a certificate from the research supervisor. Original documents should be submitted for inspection.

In order to add information about the achievements that will be included in the Diploma Supplement, a student should log in to „Wirtualna Uczelnia”

The original documents confirming the achievements, together with the Student Achievement Questionnaire should be submitted to the Dean’s office till June 19th, 2019 (no additions will be possible after the deadline)


6. five photos (Size 4.5 x 6.5) in an envelope

7. Student ID Card

8. marriage certificate and a copy of a new passport (in the case of persons who changed their surname during their studies)

9. confirmation of diploma fee payment:

60 PLN (copy in Polish)

40 PLN (copy in English)

MUW account number for the payment: 86116022447235200000000000

(Title of payment: diploma fee payment, student’s name, EDD)

After the submission of all necessary documents a student will be able to obtain the confirmation of graduation within 7 days.


Graduation Clearance Form- is available in the online system  „Wirtualna Uczelnia”

Students should contact the following institutions in order to have their Graduation Clearance Form completed in ‘Wirtualna Uczelnia” portal (the list of the institutions is also available in „Wirtualna Uczelnia”):

- Biblioteka Główna WUM (Library of the Medical University of Warsaw):

- Dom Studenta (Dormitory):

a) Dom Studenta nr 2 „bis” - Dormitory 2BIS, 84 Karolkowa Street

b) Dom Studenta nr 1 - Dormitory 1, 9 Batalionu Pięść Street

c) Dom Studenta nr 2 - Dormitory 2, 84 Karolkowa Street

- Biuro Spraw Studenckich (Student Affairs Office) – Didactic Centre, 2a Księcia Trojdena Street, room 243;

- Dean’s office (dotyczy poświadczenia uregulowania zobowiązań finansowych/ It refers to the settlement of financial obligations)


Final grade in the diploma based on the arithmetic mean of all exam grades.

Pursuant to §37 section 3 of the Rules and regulations of study at the Medical University of Warsaw, the following principles of inserting the grades into the diploma are determined:

- up to 3,25 - satisfactory/dostateczny

- from 3,26 up to 3,75 - better than satisfactory /dość dobry

- from 3,76 up to 4,20 - good/dobry

- from 4,21 up to 4,50 - better than good /ponad dobry

- from 4,51 up to 5,00 - very good/bardzo dobry


Graduation ceremony will take place on November 26th, 2019 at 4:00pm in the Didactic Centre, 2a Trojdena Street, Hall A and B.


Chamber of Physicians

18 Puławska Street,

02-512 Warsaw

(022) 54-28-340, (022) 54-28-342